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About Us


About Us — #GoWerksPro is the premier digital platform for 5-star rated home improvement, home – office and carpet cleaning, landscaping, moving and home buy and sell prep pros.

Go Werks Pro Services 

Go Werks Pro Home Improvement 

Go Werks Pro Cleaning Including House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning 

Go Werks Pro Green For All Things Landscaping, Lawn care, Garden Maintenance, Trees, Landscape Design, Cement, Masonry, Stone Work, Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits, Outdoor Kitchens and Exterior Property Maintenance 

Go Werks Pro Movers for all things related to local, cross country or international moving, packing, storage and more

Go Werks Pro Home Buy and Sell Prep for all tasks related to preparing your home to rent or buy or sell. We’ve got you covered. Plus Free Moving resources. Go Werks Pro for Home Buy and Sell Prep. 

Go Werks Pro For Real Estate And Mortgage Referrals. 

Every thing you need to lease, buy or sell and maintain your property and prepare it for living a life worth coming home to is available with Go Werks Pro services. 

Find Us —  #GoWerksPro is HQ’d in the majestic, rocky mountains of Lone Tree, Colorado. 

Go Werks Pro Screening Process 

The Go Werks Pro Screening and Verification process for all pros includes an extensive criminal background check, license and insurance verification, references and passing grade on the Go Werks Pro skills mastery test for home improvement, home-carpet-office cleaning, landscaping, moving, home buying/selling prep and more fields. 

Relax. Entrust your next project to Go Werks Pro with our peace of mind protocol. We aim to insure our clients are serviced by professionals who have been thoroughly vetted, criminal background checked, license and insurance and bonded verified, trained, certified in their respective fields and are competent to perform the tasks at a mastery level.

Sensitive or high level projects such as maintaining senior military officer grand mansions or officer houses on government bases or maintaining defense contracting firm properties? Go Werks Pro delivers screened pros with a proven track record and pros who have active classified, secret and top secret security clearances. 

Corporate or Independent Pros

Go Werks Pro offers our own corporate employee pros to complete tasks and we refer local and 5-star rated independent pros within your area that are members of our exclusive Go Werks Pro network.

Go Werks Pro Service Locations 

Go Werks Pro in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Luxembourg and other EU countries, Singapore, Hong Kong and MENA, too. Plans to scale to other countries is slated for 2021 and beyond. #GoWerksPro 

The Go Werks Pro Story :

Go Werks Pro, founded by Rhonda Coleman Albazie,  launched in 1994 as a government contractor offering professional home improvement, home and office cleaning, water damage restoration, mold and microbial remediation, radon testing, landscaping, moving and home buy or sell prep, real estate marketplace to the U.S. Government and Department of Defense as well as other Fortune 500, top corporations, executive clients and real estate pros. 

Go Werks Pro has expanded into a global digital platform due to overwhelming demand from homeowners, landlords and businesses that continues to grow. We’ve added pros nationwide and globally to meet the demand and deliver value in this space. 

What’s New With Go Werks Pro?

Go Werks Pro continues to evolve to meet the challenges of property ownership, globalization, advancements in technology and provide value during this time of global pandemic by offering : 

  • COVID Cleaning
  • UV-C Cleaning 
  • Electro-Static Fogging 
  • Microbial Analysis 
  • Microbial Remediation 
  • Flat Rate Services 
  • On-Demand Services
  • Regular and Maintenance Services 
  • 5-Star Rated Home Improvement, Cleaning, Landscaping, Moving and Home Buy or Sell Prep Pros 
  • Residential Real Estate Pros
  • Commercial Real Estate Pros
  • Mortgage Pros 
  • Screened, Vetted and Verified Pros with Enhanced Criminal Background Checks 
  • Online Booking
  • iOS Mobile App 

How Go Werks Pro Works? 

Tell Us What Services You Need

Choose From Home Improvement, Cleaning, Landscaping, Moving, Home Buy/Sell Prep and More 

Go Werks Pro and Get Quick Quotes, Schedule The Date and Time and Book Online Instantly Here. 

Instant Online Booking. Simply Select The Time and Day You Would Like To Receive Service or Estimate 

Make Your Payment For Service Securely Online. 

Receive A Confirmation For Service or Estimate. 

Enjoy More Time To Do More of What You Love And Leave The Work To Us. #GoWerksPro 

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